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Even if you are not quite sure what they are, you’ve seen QR codes – in magazines and catalogs, on advertising posters, and printed on the products you buy every day. They look like a barcode, but QR codes are much more. Smartphones read the code and lead to content on the web – a website, video, Facebook page and more.

RYNO TechnologiesThey allow for dynamic linking and tell a story in a tiny space. Businesses are using QR codes on menus, brochures, receipts, real estate signs, or on the back of business cards. They could lead to a video about a product or a property, directions to your business, manuals or instructions, coupons, or a web page with more information.

If you have a physical business, QR codes are great to use to lead customers to your Google Place page or Yelp, for example, to complete a review right then and there in the store or restaurant. The code on the back of my business card takes potential customers to a special page on the website with free tips and an offer to sign up for my email list.

RYNO Technologies uses QR codes in a variety of ways for our clients, and we are happy to help. If you are inclined to try it yourself, one of the easiest ways to create one is to use Google’s free service. Copy and paste the address of a web page that you want to use and head to This url shortening service will also produce a QR code when you click on “details.” You will need to reproduce the image on your website or printed materials.

Haven’t scanned a QR code yet? Give it a try with the one in this post. Businesses are using them in many creative ways. On your Android phone, you can download the app from Google Play, or for the iPhone, go to iTunes.

By Angie Beauchamp


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I think that the use of qr codes on a business card is brilliant. Not only is it slick but people will remember you more that way because you can show your potential customers your website in matter of seconds.

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