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FacebookIn today’s online world, the opportunities to reach out to your customers and potential customers have never been greater. A huge part of this is social media. Sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more allow businesses to reach people where they are already hanging out online.

Email is still a critical component of an internet marketing strategy, but social media is different. It means that you can enter into two-way conversations with people, rather than just blasting out one-way communications.  You will get immediate feedback, both good and bad, and in the public arena.

TwitterIs social media for you and your company? Yes. There is no question that even if you are not personally a fan of Facebook, for example, your company should have a presence. It is a low cost way to let your customers get to know you more and hear from you more often, right there in the feed with their friends’ updates about vacations, pets, and other personal tidbits.

The cost is only your time, which can be precious, to post on not only a regular basis, but also make sure to respond to users’ questions and concerns. The worst thing you can do is create a presence and then abandon it. Your customers will also feel abandoned.

Google PlusYou should be prepared to spend at least a quick 15 minutes twice a day checking social media sites, once in the morning and ideally again in the evening. This way you can quickly respond to a pressing question. In this age of immediate gratification, even 24 hours can feel like a long time to wait for a response.

Then make sure to do an informational post at least one a week. More often is better, but don’t overdo it. No one wants to see your comments overpowering their news feed with post after post.

The best strategy is to put together a social media calendar ahead of time. Then you know what you are posting about ahead of time. No need to scramble at the last minute!

EmailDon’t have the time, staff or patience to put together a social media strategy or carry it out? RYNO Technologies can help you not only set up these accounts, but also train you to use them. Or we will be happy to take the worry off of your hands and manage it all completely. It’s what we do!

By Angie Beauchamp


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