The Opportunity of the 404 Error Page

by | May 14th 2012 | Marketing, Server | 0 Comments

So we have all landed on a 404 error page at one time or another while browsing the internet.  I often feel that the 404 error page is actually an opportunity to bring your visitor closer to you.  What I mean is that when you are browsing a website and you receive a 404 error most visitors feel like they did something wrong.  In reality it may be a technical issue but the visitor does not know that.  So when we add content which offers solutions or even just something to commiserate with the visitor we are able to  personalize the experience and inform the visitor that we do understand and care about the error.  I think this is best summed up in the following Ted Talks video:

By the way here is our 404 error page: click here

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