Who is tracking your web visits?

by | July 26th 2012 | Marketing | 0 Comments

This has been a post I have been wanting to write for some time.  You may feel a bit uneasy with what I am going to tell you. When we visit web sites on the internet our every move is being tracked. In some cases the tracking is to enhance our experience such as suggesting things related to the topic that we are searching. More likely it is about selling you something and it is BIG business. I recently watched a TED Talks presentation regarding the business of tracking our web behavior and it became clear that we need to educate ourselves on this practice. Watch the following TED Talks video presentation and let me know your thoughts.

Remember we can not be complacent to trust others to do the right thing.  The more knowledge we have regarding the subject the more proactive we can be in protecting ourselves.

Check out the Collusion Project: Click here

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